Warning and Reminder – Hardwired System

After the movement of a railway vehicle is detected and the information was transmitted, the warning is triggered.

The acoustic warning is issued by the WGH 95/0 (Warning Device Horn), and a visual reminder is given by the flashing light WGL 95/01E.

Horn WGH 95/0

The horn WGH warns by acoustic signals Ro1, Ro2, and Ro3 to the employees in the danger zone of the track area. By Autoprowa® Effect each horn fits individually its volume to the ambient noise level. Even when the voltage supply fails, the system switches to the safe state, the warning signal and the flashing lights are activated. Therefore the built-in batteries will be permanently charged.

WGH_#08.03 Kopie


Signal Lamp WGL 95/01E

The optical reminder by flashing light remains active throughout the duration of the pending alarm. The visual signal stays active as long as the warning is active.