Application possibilities – Mobile Radio Warning System

You have your situation of use for the ZÖLLNER Mobile Radio Warning System in mind?

Our experienced employees would be glad to support you in optimally securing your track worksite with our modular system. Whether automatic or manual triggering, with an additional control unit or additional external warning devices WGH (Warning Device Horn) and WGL (Optical Warning Device) – there are a variety of combinations possible.

The MRWS is constantly adapted to new challenges: for example, the application range is extended by using the ZPW-M as a unit to connect the track machine’s own warning system. Also new requirements of the regulatory framework and international peculiarities are incorporated into the development. Examples include the system FALKON, the radio type or the ability to choose alternative languages in the operational menu.

We have featured a small selection of frequently occurring combinations for you here.


Minimum configuration (ZPW as control unit and warning device)


Configuration example for securing a stationary track worksite with automatic train detection from both directions in a bidirectional track area


Configuration example for securing a typical construction site with automatic train detection from both directions