Accessories – Mobile Radio Warning System

In order to equip your MRWS perfectly for all usages, we offer the following accessories:



Battery ZA24-7W
The battery “ZA24-7W” has visual reminder flashing lights as well as a practical LED indicator to query the remaining capacity. It was developed for the stationary use in the protective frame.Akku7W


Battery ZA24-2.9
The battery “ZA24-2.9”, too, offers a practical LED indicator to query the remaining capacity, but has been optimized for mobile use in a harness. Akku2.9


UL-ZA – Charger for ZÖLLNER Batteries

Both ZÖLLNER batteries can be charged with the UL-ZA.

Ladegerät UL-ZA


UL-5ZA – Universal Charger Adaptor, 5 ZÖLLNER Batteries

In addition to the charger UL-ZA which charges one ZÖLLNER battery, the UL-5ZA is a multiple charger, for the simultaneous charging of up to five batteries of the types ZA24-2.9 and ZA24-7W.



Developed by a leading manufacturer for backpacks, the harness offers the highest level of comfort due to optimum weight distribution, shoulder padding, and an airflow system in the back.

In addition, the harness provides more details: The telescope for the radio antenna is already integrated. In addition to two battery pockets with zippers, the harness includes another compartment.



Protective Frame with Telescope

Using the protective frame devices such as the ZPW (ZÖLLNER Personal Warning Device) can be prepared for the stationary use on a tripod. The protective frame is characterized by low weight and quick-release snap lockers for fast and tool-free installation of the radio components.



Transportation Boxes

The ZÖLLNER transportation boxes offer high-level protection during transport of components of the Mobile Radio Warning System. All boxes are made of multiplex-aluminium-construction and are available in different versions depending on the requirements.


Tripod ZDE and ZDS

The light weight and individually adjustable legs make it possible to elevate the radio components in their protective frame to a higher position even on uneven terrain.

Stativ ZDE