Control Unit of the Mobile Radio Warning System

The control unit of the mobile radio warning system connects and manages the radio components of the system and thus serves as a control and operating unit for the Controller of the system (Worksite Supervisor). Depending on requirements, this task can be fulfilled by a separate control unit (ZRC) or the warning device (ZPW).


The Control Unit as a separate unit (ZRC)

ZÖLLNER Remote Control (ZRC)

The ZRC makes a mobile operation of the control unit possible.
It can be worn comfortably in the ZÖLLNER harness .A warning can be deactivated on the device. It is also possible to repeat a pending warning or to trigger an emergency signal (Ro3). In addition, the display allows the user to start and decommission the entire system, as well as to monitor the radio quality and the battery capacity of all logged-in radio components.



Control Unit and Warning Device combined (ZPW)

ZÖLLNER Personal Warning Device (ZPW)

The ZPW combines a warning device with the possibility to use it as the control unit as well.

More information about the ZPW as warning device