Train Detection – Mobile Radio Warning Systems

The detection of a moving rail vehicle is possible as a stationary unit with a train detector or as manually operated unit with a lookout equipped with a ZÖLLNER Radio Transmitter


Automatic Detection Unit (ZFS, F500-SEN, F500-AB-Box)

Detection with train detector F500-SEN in combination with ZÖLLNER junction box (F500-AB) and transmission via the ZÖLLNER Radio Transmitter (ZFS).

The automatic detection of rail vehicles is done by means of the train detector F500-SEN, which is installed temporary to the rail. The train detector works inductive and it allows a contact-less train detection even on high-speed lines and it is wear free. Additional benefits are the easy transport, the compact dimensions, the low weight and fast installation, enabling the economical use even on short-term worksites or in restricted conditions e.g., By shock absorber (for example with shock absorbance devices or at check rails).

The information of F500-SEN are evaluated by the connected Junction box F500-AB and forwarded to the ZÖLLNER Radio Transmitter. The ZFS transmits via radio the detected train movement to the Control Unit on the work site.

One ZFS can be connected with up to four train detectors. The integrated display gives information about triggered warnings.



Manually triggered warning with the (ZFS)

Lookout with ZÖLLNER Radio Transmitter (ZFS) mobile

The ZÖLLNER Radio Transmitter (ZFS) can be used both as a stationary transmitter and as a mobile manually operated handswitch. The device is equipped with an automatic vigilance function and can be used in a mobile version thanks to the new comfortable carrying harness and its low weight.