Warning and Reminder – Mobile Radio Warning System

After the movement of a railway vehicle is detected, the information is transmitted and the warning is triggered.

The warning is given by the  ZÖLLNER Personal Warning Device (ZPW) which, if necessary can be equipped with a WGH (a warning horn) and the WGL, a reminder flashing light unit.


The All-Rounder: ZPW

ZÖLLNER Personal Warning Device

The ZPW is a compact radio-controlled warning device for the warning of persons working in the track area.

The ZPW has redundant, acoustic warning devices that output at a maximum sound pressure level of 120 dB(A) , a redundant, optic LED flashing light as a reminder as well as a Ro3-emergency pushbutton. Various options such as radio channel or alarm type can be set in the menu.

A particular advantage is that the ZPW can also be used as control unit and therefore an additional control unit ZRC is not necessary in simple conditions.



Acoustic Warning Device (Additional Horn WGH)

ZÖLLNER Signal Horn (WGH)

The WGH is an electrical horn for the collective warning of persons working in the track area. The WGH is integrated to the Mobile Radio Warning System via a connection to the ZPW. The warning is given with an acoustic signal of up to 126 dB(A). The WGH is especially useful for mobile or short-term construction zones due to its easy handling. With the remote control HBE the WGH can be used as a single horn.


 WGH_ohne Grau


Optical Warning Device (WGL)

ZÖLLNER Optical Warning Device (WGL)

With the addition of the WGL even large construction worksites can be secured with the MRWS. The visual signaling on the ZPW and the WGL stays active as long as the warning is active.