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Signal Controlled Warning System – SCWS

The innovative way to activate automatic track warning systems

SCWS is an automatic warning system that is triggered by an interlocking system. This is possible because the interlocking system „knows“ the position and routes of the rail vehicle.

The application is possible locally in a clearly defined small region, but also the nationwide use has already been realized.

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  • The warning devices can be used immediately
  • Constantly available
  • Increased access time to the tracks
  • Operator receives immediate information about the personnel working on the track
  • No need to install train detectors on site
  • No project-specific configuration required
  • Automatic failsafe warning with SIL3

Two Possible options:

WITH Signal Protection

  • Worksite must give response that the worksite area is evacuated before the rail vehicle may enter the track
  • Realized for example in Belgium
  • Also possible with the Mobile Radio Warning System


WITHOUT Signal Protection

  • The working personnel clear the worksite area as soon as the warning is activated
  • Realized for example in Austria and Switzerland