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Your advantage: The Autoprowa®-Effect+

No more problems with the neighbours.

The Autoprowa® system offers you a clearly audible warning signal and an optimal protection for those working on or in the vicinity of track construction area (worksite). The necessary noise levels do not always find the acceptance of the local residents.

ZÖLLNER offers the solution since 1994 with the standard and proven Autoprowa®-Effect and since 2015 its further developed version the Autoprowa®-Effect +: The Autoprowa® system adjusts the volume of the warning signal intelligently and automatically to the surrounding noise level. In order to do this, the devices constantly determine the surrounding noise level. For example: Next to a noisy track-laying machine, the device warns with the maximum volume. If the surrounding noise level is low, the warning signal is emitted with the minimal volume, and therefore is much quieter.

The Autoprowa® Effect (Automatic Proportional Warning): No more problems with the neighbours.