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ZÖLLNER Makrofon

ZÖLLNER Makrofons are air pressure controlled membrane sound senders that give acoustic signals in the train and seafaring sectors.

They comply with the requirements of UIC and TSI:

UIC 644 1980-07

TSI EN 15153-2: 2013

Acoustic signaling devices used for internationally deployed vehicles must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Air pressure: 5 – 10 bar
  • Sound pressure level : 120 – 125 dB(A) in 5m
  • Frequency: 370 +/- 15 Hz or 660 +/- 15 Hz

To the products according to UIC 644 1980-07

–Acoustic warning devices for track vehicles–

Requirements for signal horns with which the required audibility of approaching track vehicles including high speed and conventional train systems is met

  • Sound pressure level: 101 – 125 dB(C) in 25m
    129 – 136 dB(C) in 1m
  • Frequency (§5.2.1): different frequencies possible
  • Protection of outside influences (§5.5):
    –Signal horns should be protected against the collision with objects present in the air (splinters, dust, birds). For this we offer protective grids and protective nets.

To the products according to TSI EN 15153-2: 2013