ATWS - Warning systems for track work

Automatic warning systems (ATWS) are employed for the safety of the personnel in and near the track area while performing various tasks. In order to ensure optimum safety for every type of work, for every type of worksite, ZÖLLNER has developed a wide range of products that can be flexibly combined with one another. The acoustic warning uses the Autoprowa+® effect, which ensures optimum perceptibility of the warning with minimum noise exposure.
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Warning systems for small, mobile worksites

A large part of the tasks to be protected in the track area is carried out as part of (small) worksites. As these measures are often only of short duration and, where applicable, mobile, and all the personnel to be secured is on a relatively small section, special requirements arise for such worksites.

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Warning systems for large worksites

Maintenance and repair measures involve a number of special challenges for the safety on worksites. Large worksite areas sometimes have to be protected for longer periods of time.

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Individual warning systems

When work is progressing rapidly, for example in vegetation work, collective warning systems are often not the best option. For such work situations, it makes sense to use one of our individual warning systems.

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Machine warning

When large construction machines are used on track worksites, they require a machine-specific warning system to ensure that the warning signal can be safely heard at the worksite in their immediate proximity.

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Permanent warning system

For recurring maintenance work or patrolling, a fix installation of the warning system is recommended. It is ready to use, easy to deploy and reduces costs.
Train information can be provided via a signalbox or RBC (SCWS) or locally (train sensors permanently installed).

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The flexible MFW system to download or view

The MFW system is a modular system that can be put to extremely flexible use. We present the components, possible applications, and configuration examples.

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We offer technical safeguards for every type of rail worksite.

Dr. Britta Lissinna, Head of Sales

From the field: Machine warning at the PNI // Poland

Take a look at this example to see how the components of the ZÖLLNER MFW warning system were implemented as worksite protection.

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