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Ship Industry – Sound Signal Systems

Since the founding of the company ZÖLLNER, sound signal systems for vessels have been an essential pillar for the firm. All devices – ZÖLLNER ZET-Horn, ZÖLLNER Makrofon, ZÖLLNER ZETFON and accessories – are built with the newest technical standards and are approved in accordance with the international regulations of SOLAS, COLREG 1972 and EU norms.

Based on the COLREG 1972, Annex III, the following compressed air operated horns belong to the product contents for all ship classes:

Ship Industry

 ship class ship length (m) sound intensity in 1/3rd-
octave band level
at 1 m distance (dB)
Fundamental frequency (Hz) Range(SM)
 I 200 and more  143  70-200  2
 II 75 but under 200  138  130-350  1,5
 III 20 but under 75  130  250-700  1
 IV under 20  120  180-450

All listed devices– ZET-Horn, Makrofon, ZETFON and accessories – are designed for installation on seagoing and inland vessels and also find wide application as warning and alarm devices in industry and harbour areas, for catastrophe alert as well as on offshore platforms.

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