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Sestrel electronic inclinometer

The electronic inclinometer is a heel and pitch measuring instrument that is not sensitive to horizontal and vertical accelerations. On rolling vessels the usual bubble or pendulum inclinometers indicate excessive values. This can be up to 30% of the measured value. As the SESTREL inclinometer will not be affected by these accelerations it shows the true inclination and roll period. Due to provided data transfer to the VDR, electronic inclinometers must be type approved. The relevant IMO performance standard MSC.363(92) was stipulated. The SESTREL inclinometer is in accordance with this and the corresponding ISO standards. The inclinometer is supplied complete with all necessary components and documentation to ease installation and start-up.

+/-180° heeling angle
+/-90° pitching angle
0.1° Angle display
0,1sec Time display
Tilt accuracy +/-5% or +/-1sec
Time accuracy +/-5% or +/-1sec
Integrated, adjustable alarms
Trend diagram
Recording up to 30 minutes
Monitor 1″ color LCD (800×480)
Additional displays can be connected

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