ZÖLLNER Bell and Gong

According to rule 33(a) of the COLREG 1972, a vessel of 20 meters in length or more shall be provided with a bell and a vessel of 100 meters or more shall in addition be provided with a gong. The sound pressure level at 1 m distance shall be at least 110 dB,

Lautsprecher ZBG 110
ZÖLLNER Electronic Bell and Gong System ZBG110


Gong 500 Glocke 300
ZÖLLNER Manual Glocke 300 M and Gong 500 M
– as devices by themselves and as complement to the electronic system –


1+ Glocke 350EL_1 1+ Gong 500EL
ZÖLLNER Electro-Mechanical Bell and Gong System 350EL/500 EL||
with 10+SGA


ZÖLLNER Manoeuver Signal Lamp||with LED