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Sound Signal Direction Detector SRD414/4

According to SOLAS chapter V – Resolution MSC.99(73), rules18 and 19 and Resolution A694(17) a vessel of over 500 BRT and with a completely enclosed bridge must be equipped with a sound reception system that takes on the function of the listening post and has the following features:

  • Reception of warning signals of vessels nearby in the frequency range 70 – 2100 Hz
  • Acoustic and visual rendition of the received signals on the bridge
  • Display of the approximate direction from where the signal originates
  • Suppression of disturbing surrounding noise

The new Sound Signal Direction Detector SRD414/4 meets the following demands:

  • Annex A.1, Item No. A.1/4.58 and Annex B, Modul e B in Council Directive 96/98/EC
  • SOLAS 74 as amended, Regulation V/18, V/19 & X/3
  • IMO Res. A.694(17), 2000 HSC Code, IMO Res. MSC.86(70) & 191(79)

and has the following certificates:

  • DNV GL Certificate (Module B) MEDB00000U4
  • DNV GL Certificate (Module D) MEDD0000086
ZÖLLNER Signal Direction Detector SRD414/4
 In accordance with COLREG 1972, Part B, Section 1, Rule 5, DNV 2012, SOLAS HSC Code ISO 14859