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ZÖLLNER Makrofon

In the casing, air pressure makes a membrane vibrate which produces the signal sound.

Special versions are available for luxury yachts (www.zoellner-yacht.de || Info Sheet Yacht Horns), arctic or military vessels.

Ship class I

Makrofonanlage ZM200110_1
Type: Makrofon ZM200/90 . Makrofon ZM200/110
Sound intensity:  143 dB  143 dB
Frequency: 90 Hz  110 Hz
Range:  2 SM 2 SM


Ship class II

Makrofonanlage M125160ZVE(E)(H)
Type: Makrofon M125/160 Makrofon M125/130 Makrofon M75F/260
Sound intensity: 138 dB 138 dB 138 dB
Frequency: 160 Hz 130 Hz 260 Hz
Range: 1,5 SM 1,5 SM 1,5 SM


Ship class III + IV

Makrofonanlage M75F-260ZVE(E)(H)
Typ: Makrofon M75F/260 Makrofon M75F/370
Sound intensity: 130 dB 130 dB
Frequency: 260 Hz 370 Hz
Range: 1 SM 1 SM