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ZÖLLNER ZET-Horn – Electrically Operated Horn

A piston in a cylinder is propelled by an AC 3phase motor which then makes the air in the sound horn vibrate and produce the sound.

Since the low signal frequency of 70 Hz is fairly pleasant, the ZET-Horn 70 AC is preferred on luxury passenger ships. Other versions of all types with a special heating system for arctic class vessels as well as special editions for luxury yachts (www.zoellner-yacht.de || Info Sheet Yacht Horns) or for use on military vessels are available.

Ship class I

ZET-Horn 90AC
Type: ZET-Horn 70AC ZET-Horn 90AC
ZET-Horn 110AC
Sound intensity: 143 dB 143 dB 143 dB
Frequency: 70 Hz 90 Hz 110 Hz
Range: 2 SM 2 SM 2 SM


Ship class II

ZET-Horn 131AC-1
Type: ZET-Horn 131AC
Movie .
ZET-Horn 141AC
Sound intensity: 138 dB 138 dB
Frequency: 130 Hz 140 Hz
Range: 1,5 SM 1,5 SM