Everything digitally at a glance with ZCloud

Our ZCloud enables our customers to manage warning systems in a new way. For example, components can be planned and scheduled digitally in different systems. It is also possible to view the device status of individual components online at any time. Besides providing a continuous overview of the operations, it also serves as an aid for remote diagnosis, so that we can always be at your side promptly.

These are your advantages when working with ZCloud

  • Determination of position/location in the event of theft
  • Distance measurement between lookout and control unit
  • Digital device management
  • Fast remote analysis of fault patterns by you or our service team

Our systems with connection to the ZCloud

Mobile Radio Warning System MRWS

The ZRC-10, ZFS-10 and ZPW126-10 components of the MRWS can be integrated into the ZCloud. Status and operational information is collected, displayed and stored in the ZCloud. Another important function is the evaluation of the current device position and the calculation and provision of the distances between ZFS-10 and ZRC-10.

The above mentioned units can be retrofitted accordingly from your inventory. Users of the cloud can access different functions of the ZCloud via different rights.

Mobile safety system TH-BÜP

Currently in a test phase - the extension of the TH-BÜP for integration into the ZCloud!

The TH-BÜP has also found its way into the ZCloud. The Tracker module is integrated in a separate housing so that the connection to the ZCloud can be easily retrofitted and integrated on the KFB line of the TH-BÜP. In addition to device specific information on the status of the system and fault messages, which can be interpreted remotely by the ZÖLLNER Service or the operator himself, the location of the system and logged data on changes in the status of the system or components are also provided.

This is why ZÖLLNER is the ideal partner

  • Support for device management:
    • Display of the software status
    • Assignment of devices to subgroups possible
    • Status messages can also be accessed at a later time
  • Real-time status and position display
  • Locating possible at any time (up to 72 hours)
  • Current display of the distance of the lookout to the control unit

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