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Speed Detection Unit – ZÖLLNER ZGP

The ZÖLLNER speed Checking Facility ZGP determines the speed of the passing rail vehicle with a wheel sensor and compares it to the allowed maximum speed. If the speed limit is exceeded, the ZGP activates a forced breaking of the rail vehicle by the use of a track magnet.


  • Adjustable speed limits between 10 km/h
    and 180 km/h
  • Speed detection with an inductive wheel sensor
  • Usable with all common magnet types
  • Power supply via mains power supply or rechargeable battery
  • Documentation of all train movements including speed and all forced breakings in the internal logbook



  • Short response routes
  • Exact speed detection
  • Connection to diagnosis control unit via GSM/GSM-R
  • Remotely switched on and off via GSM/GSM-R possible
  • Short installation time
  • In case of speeding, transmission of the detected speed via the GSM-R to control unit
  • Flexible positioning of the wheel sensor in respect to the active magnet
  • Simple configuration of the speed with display
  • CENELEC-compliant developed and certified according to SIL2




  • A rail vehicle passes over the wheel sensor of the ZGP
  • The ZGP determines the speed of the rail vehicle and then compares the actual speed from the target speed.
  • If the actual speed is below the speed limit, the vehicle will not be influenced. If the speed limit is exceeded, the track magnet is activated and the actual speed is transmitted to the control unit.