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Technical Device for the Guard of a Level Crossing – TH-BÜP

The Mobile Level Crossing is a modular system, consisting of light signals, St. Andrews cross and barriers.

It is suitable for temporary level crossings or level crossings which are temporarily out of order. It is operated by a guard for the level crossing.


  • Construction with decommissioning of existing level crossing safety systems
  • Temporary technical safety of level crossing
  • Installed worksite level crossing that needs to be secured


  • Lower risk for the Level Crossing Attendant (LXA) of the level crossing (LXA is outside of the danger zone rail and road traffic)
  • Fast, uncomplicated design without technical aids
  • Modular, flexible configuration (variable number of light signals and barriers)
  • Easy transport in a small van
  • High-quality and robust construction
  • Installation is possible without problems in any terrain