Paris // SCNF authorizes ZÖLLNER CLARIS System

More safety for vegetation works thanks to a combination of warning device and speech communication system

Paris // SNCF, the National Society of French Railways, has approved the ZÖLLNER CLARIS System for deployment on all their infrastructure. As a combination of ZÖLLNER’s reliable radio warning system (SIL 4) and VOGO’s VOKKERO GUARDIAN professional audio communication system, CLARIS revolutionizes the working conditions for teams that need to be protected of dangers on and along the track while being able to communicate with one another despite wearing noise protection equipment.

The collaboration project began in 2016 after SNCF communicated the need for such a system. ZÖLLNER and VOGO worked to integrate not only the warning device directly into the workers’ protection gear but to combine it with the speech communication system that allows direct communication to everyone in the vicinity whereby the warning system overwrites any communication in the event of a warning in order to always ensure maximum safety. Britta Lissinna (Head of Sales at ZÖLLNER) says: "This project is a great achievement for us. By combining our products with those of VOGO, we can bring real added-value for the teams on-site, in terms of both efficiency and security."

Bertrand Million (VP Professional Solutions at VOGO), too, emphasizes the large contribution that this system makes for workers’ safety: "We are delighted to have been able to meet a real challenge for SNCF. Our goal is to guarantee the safety of all stakeholders. We are proud to be able to combine our solutions with ZÖLLNER products, which are recognized worldwide on the rail market."

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As a leading international player in the sports sector, VOGO offers audio and video solutions for professionals and fans. The France-based enterprise has for example developed several analysis and decision-making tools. Their disruptive solution for fans makes it possible to deliver high quality video content without disruptions no matter how many people are accessing the data. Their focus on reliable communication made them the ideal partner for a high-stakes safety system.