Development of the Diamond Triple Makrofon YM125

Lots of attention to detail

The new Makrofon DIAMOND TRIPLE YM125 is a project close to the heart of the Marine Business Unit. With great attention to detail, various specialists, designers and engineers worked together on both the appearance and the sound of the horn.

Early in the development process, it was clear that there should be a triad and that the horn had to be a real eye-catcher to meet the demands of the ship designers and architects.
The arrangement of the horns led to the basic structure, the shape of a diamond. The materiality, feel and look of the surfaces developed into a lengthy process of discovery, because the quality and sustainability had to meet the highest standards.

The sound of a horn is at least as important as its appearance. Therefore, a lot of time and expertise was also invested in the tuning of the triad. The individual horn frequencies were revised again and again to create the most rounded sound experience possible. A further challenge was to ensure that the horn should be suitable for superyachts from 20-200 metres.

All these meticulously developed components can now be found in the new ZÖLLNER signal horn for yachts. Our product innovation is acoustically and visually unique and a perfect fit for sophisticated yachts.