Light Rail // ZÖLLNER takes part in the light rail revolution

Making the future safer! Safety technology for light and urban rail!

Last week, ZÖLLNER took part in the UK’s largest light and urban rail conference, the UK Light Rail. We are so pleased with the large turnout, the terrific organization and the all-around experience.

Light and urban rail is at the center of the mobility revolution and we are delighted to make a significant contribution to the safety surrounding its expansion. Our automatic warning system, the mobile barrier and traffic light system, the speed monitoring system and our stand-alone system for safely switching balises remotely are all relevant and instrumental in keeping those working on and around the track safe at all times.  

Til Arkenberg, a product manager at ZÖLLNER, particularly enjoyed the exchange with other participants: “It was highly interesting to learn about the current challenges and people involved in this industry and to already discuss possible solutions.”

Our colleagues return home with a lot of new contacts and many new impulses. We look forward to keeping the momentum going and diving right back into work.



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