Miniature sound

We regularly receive inquiries from shipyards or shipping companies as to whether we still have spare parts or repair instructions for very old horns. But this time we received a slightly different request. The model maker Axel Hüttemann wrote to us about the technical drawing of a ZET-Horn from the mid-20th century.

He was working on an old ferry, true to scale in 1/96 which uses our horn in the original version. Since Mr. Hüttemann finds the detailed accuracy of his models very important, he also values the single components of the ships. Researching the individual parts is a big part of his job, he says. He spent six months on the ferry project to consider every detail. Without question we sent we sent him the requested drawing.

During the building process of another project, the "Saga Pearl", he used a ZET-Horn in scale 1/250. We find this detailed work quite impressive and are glad to have supported him.

Find out more about Axel Hütteman's work here: