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Inventions from Kiel for the shipping industry

We got the possibility to be a minor part in a mayor project.

The composer Murray Jamieson from Australia and the artist Christof Schläger with his wife Marjon Smit from Germany have been working intensely on an acoustic project. To increase the excitement for the UEFA Championship final in Istanbul, the two artists composed an artwork that is ineffable. With an ensemble of 53 acoustic horns, partially by ZÖLLNER, they created an organ that can be handled as a usual organ. With Burçin Kalkan from anIstanbul PR agency they develloped this brilliant idea. Their Client Mastercard used this tool for a marketing campaign on the ferry Moda. As the horns are usually not used for this purpose the two artists faced the challenge to compose a harmonic sound with the different frequencies the horns have. We are so impressed by the results.

To get a better impression of the project have a look at the video