Vision, mission and values determine our interactions

Our VISION and MISSION provide the framework for our decisions in all activities, both on the part of the management and the entire team. They give meaning to our actions and motivate us for our future development.
Every member of our team contributes to living our values and thus to implementing our VISION and MISSION.

We live our values

Innovative spirit

We encourage creative ideas and critical thinking to continuously improve our products and processes

Customer orientation

Partnership and solution-oriented actions in the interests of the client are at the heart of our work


The basis for our entrepreneurial actions is our independence as a family company


As a family company, we see ourselves as having a long-term responsibility towards our customers, employees and society. We offer reliable and sustainable safety solutions


Trust is the basis of our company culture and the cooperation with our customers and employees. This is reflected in reliable, respectful interactions with each other

A family company with a vision for the future since 75 years

The ZÖLLNER Group is managed in the third generation by Dr. Philipp Murmann.

"Of course, we are not resting on our laurels, but continue to work with all our might to prepare a new positive platform for future generations for safe and innovative jobs, for confidence in our products and services, and for life in a modern, safe and forward-looking society." / Dr. Philipp Murmann, CEO

About us // 75 years of ZÖLLNER

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