Diamond Triple Makrofon YM125

The new sound for superyachts

We wanted to create a horn that would match the sophisticated design of superyachts in both appearance and sound. Bring the simple forms of the individual horns into a composition that doesn't have to hide. Composing a sound that gives an idea of the impressive yacht to be expected. The new Diamond Triple Makrofon YM125 is about to be launched and will be usable for yachts from 20 to 200 meters. With a sound pressure level of >138 dB (in the 1/3 octave band level at 1 m), it is remarkably light in weight and elegant in appearance. Carefully developed with decades of experience, its sound speaks for itself. Matching the ZÖLLNER values, the Diamond Triple YM125 macrophone stands for the best material and processing quality - Made in Germany.

Like all ZÖLLNER horns, the Diamond Triple Makrofon is almost maintenance-free due to the high-quality materials and the well thought-out design. All individual parts can be reordered and are easy to replace. The installation can be carried out without special tools and requires no expertise.

Convince yourself of the sound

The triad as the harmonic basis of many styles of music can be combined very well with the properties of an acoustic signal horn in shipping. The chord in A major chosen for the ZÖLLNER Diamond Triple Makrofon YM125 consists of three fundamental tones with the frequencies 220Hz, 275Hz and 330Hz. The low frequency components allow optimal propagation of the sound waves. The higher frequencies, on the other hand, add richness and clarity to the harmony. The Diamond Triple Makrofon YM125 meets the technical requirements in terms of frequency and sound pressure level, and the high demands of our customers for a balanced sound and an unmistakable signal.

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