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For 75 years ZÖLLNER supplies sound signal systems as ZET-Horns, Makrofons and ZETFONs for all vessel types  and classes according to SOLAS, COLREG 1972 and EU standards.
We offer a wide product portfolio which is in demand worldwide, whether for new builds or retrofits.
We are proud to present the newest latest in our range of signal horns: Diamond Triple Makrofon YM125. This product innovation is acoustically and visually unique and a perfect match for sophisticated yachts.

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Composer Murray Jamieson and artist Christof Schläger collaborated on an awe-inspiring acoustic project using a unique ensemble of 53 acoustic horns, partially by ZÖLLNER, to create a playable organ for a marketing campaign.


We are taking part in the exhibition "WeitSicht - inventions from Kiel for the shipping industry". As a manufacturer from Kiel for the maritime industry, we are proud to be part of this exhibition and to support this historic exhibition with our expertise from over 75 years.


The model maker Axel Hüttemann wrote to us about the technical drawing of a ZET-Horn from the mid-20th century and asked for the technical drawing.

The new sound for superyachts

Diamond Triple Makrofon YM125

The paint isn't quite dry yet, but we just can't keep this news to ourselves. There is a new star in our Superior Line: the Diamond Triple Makrofon YM125 is especially designed for yachts. A design with attention to detail meets a sophisticated sound experience. Made from the best materials and with greatre expertise. Experience this new product and learn more.

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ZÖLLNER Marine offers a wide range of products for various applications.
From acoustic signalling systems for all ship classes to automatic signalling systems and bell/gong systems. In addition, we can support you with sound signal receiving systems and also with inclinometers.

Our yacht customers have a different focus and therefore their own product line.



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On tankers, container ships, military ships, cruisers, super yachts, fishing trawlers, ZÖLLNER products are exposed to the most different conditions and you will find them in use all over the world.

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We are there for you worldwide - from Alaska to New Zealand we, the ZÖLLNER Holding, are represented with eight branches in Germany, six more in Europe and three branches in Asia. In addition, our partners support you in 40 other countries.