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Signal Automaton 10+SGA

The ZÖLLNER Signal Automaton 10+SGA is an automatic signal control for all ZÖLLNER whistles with electric signal release, for the electronic bell and gong system ZBG 110 or, in a modified version, for the electro-mechanical bell and gong system. It is programmed to release automatically the maneuvring and warning signals according to Rule 34 (a, b, d) Rule 35 (a, b, c, e, g) of COLREGS 1972, general emergency and abandon vessel alarm.

Because every detail matters

  • 10+SGA
  • A, B or C
  • 230 V AC, 115 V AC or 24 V DC
  • max. 110 W, Standby 4,95 W
  • 0.5 m
  • 0.4 m
  • IP 22