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The ZÖLLNER MAKROFON M125 is a diaphragm sound transmitter operating on compressed air. The signal is released by an electromagnet or manually using a hand pull-rope. To avoid the costly laying of a pull-rope, a second electromagnet for emergency voltage can be provided. A thermostat controlled anticondensation heating keeps the sound horn and the operating valve free from condensed water and thus from ice.

Because every detail matters

  • MAKROFON M125/160b ZVEEH
  • 75 -< 200 m
  • 160 Hz
  • 138 dB
  • 7 - 40 bar
  • 20-30 l/sec
  • 230 V AC or 115 V AC or 24 V DC
  • IP 56
Compressed air Filter F3.1

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Equipment with additional heating.