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Inclinometer ZEI-1(T)

ZEI-1 and ZEI-1T are a heel and pitch measuring system, which is not affected by horizontal and vertical accelerations, due to sophisticated MEMS technology. Hence it displays true inclination and roll period in high accuracy. The standard inclinometer system ZEI-1 displays actual heel angles at port- and starboard side in red & green, whereas the tug boat version ZEI-1T uses a so-called traffic light indication for safe, cautious & dangerous operating situation. The thresholds are freely adjustable according to the stability conditions of the tug boat. This may considerably enhance the safety of escort tug operation. The tug boat version ZEI-1T is especially designed to meet the stringent requirements of escort operation, to generate
audible and visible warnings and alarms, when permissible heeling angle limits are exceeded.

Because every detail matters

  • ±180° for heel, ±90° for pitch angle
  • 0.01° for angle, 0.1 s for time measurements
  • ±45°
  • 4...60 s
  • ±5% or ±1°
  • ±5% or ±1 s