Experience and craftsmanship

For 75 years ZÖLLNER has been supplying sound signalling systems such as ZET-Horn, Makrofon and ZETFON for all ship types and classes in accordance with COLREG 1972. From new construction to refit, we offer a wide product portfolio on demand worldwide. The latest product in our range is one we are proud to present soon:
Diamond Triple Makrofon YM125. This product innovation is acoustically and visually unique and a perfect match for high-tech yachts.

Pleasant for the ear

Without a doubt, one of the main desires of yacht owners is superior quality and individuality. The products of the ZÖLLNER Superior Line are a perfect match for both. As a traditional German manufacturing company, our products meet the highest demands in terms of technology and aesthetics. We have been manufacturing high-quality products for use on ships for more than 75 years. We are your competent partner for sound signalling systems.

Flattering to the eye //

In accordance with the international COLREG 1972, the frequency spectrum of our sound signalling systems ranges from 70 Hz to 370 Hz. The range of our standard horns is the basis for individual solutions that lead to unique sounds. The finely tuned sound is complemented by the elegant design. We are manufacturers of sound signalling systems with highly polished materials, high-quality chrome-plated or nano-coated surfaces. The design in the perfect colour to match the ship and the accomplished shape blend elegantly into the overall appearance. This is how you achieve a perfect look for your yacht.

Makrofon YM125/130 ZVE(E)H

The compressed air-operated Makrofon YM125/130 ZVE(E)H is one of our classic products. With a sound frequency of 130 Hz, the fully chrome-plated signal horn is suitable for yachts and superyachts from 75-200 m in length and impresses not only with its sound but also with its shiny appearance.

Makrofon YM75F/260 HVEF

This smaller Makrofon, also operated by compressed air, is suitable for smaller yachts from 20 m (allowed up to <200 m ship length). In addition to the high-quality, chrome-plated appearance, the signal horn has a wonderful sound with 260 Hz and also presents the yacht with acoustic excellence.

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Makrofon YM75F/370 HVEF

The smallest, compressed air-operated Makrofon YM75F/370 HVEF is a gem, especially for the smaller yachts, announcing them from afar. From a length of 20 m (up to <75 m), yachts can operate this Makrofon with a sound frequency of 370 Hz. The classic design and high-quality workmanship fit in with the overall appearance of the yacht.

ZET-Horn Y131AC

The motor operated ZET horn with 130Hz is the best choice for yachts and superyachts from 75-200m in length that want to operate the horn only electrically. The classic design does not have to hide and its appearance makes it a cherished piece for eternity.

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Your benefits at a glance


Products of the ZÖLLNER Superior Line a sophisticated design that suits every Super Yacht.


The perfect sound

All ZÖLLNER signal horns provide a harmonious sound composed by experts.

Highest quality material

ZÖLLNER products are always made of the best corrosion-resistant and seawater-resistant materials.

Nearly maintenance-free

The high quality and assembly of all components ensures the exceptionally long service life of our ZÖLLNER products.

Easy installation and repair

All products can be installed or replaced by on-board means. The self-explanatory installation can be easily carried out by the on-board personnel.

COLREG conformity

All ZÖLLNER signal horns are manufactured in full compliance with COLREG 1972, Annex III.