Our goal: Maximum safety on the track

In our Rail division, we offer our customers numerous solutions to increase safety in and around the track. This way, we make a significant contribution to improving the availability of rail infrastructure.
Our warning systems and infrastructure solutions reliably warn employees in the track area of hazards from rail traffic. We are continuously working to expand and improve our product portfolio, ensuring that our products are always state of the art. Solutions you can rely on

Solutions you can rely on

Warning systems for track work
Safeguarding level crossings
Speed monitoring
Customer-specific solutions
Technical track closure

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Hack the future! ZÖLLNER Entwickler begeistern junge Menschen mit hands-on Einführung in die Programmierung.

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Experience location-independent, real-time monitoring in the ZCloud

Construction sites, equipment data, system status, and location information can be tracked in real time - regardless of the location.
Get timely notifications and alerts of critical unit and system conditions, such as low battery.

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From the field: Safeguarding a large construction site with minimal material and time outlay

Take a look at this example to see how various components of ZÖLLNER warning systems were combined to create a time- and cost-saving construction site safety system.

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Training in the ZÖLLNER Academy

Are you looking to expand your knowledge in safeguarding track construction sites and ATWS functions?
Visit us at our DB Netz AG-certified Academy and choose from a wide range of product training courses.

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