Safely monitor speeds

The effects of speeding in rail transport can sometimes be catastrophic. For this reason, ZÖLLNER has developed systems to measure and monitor the speeds of rail vehicles with high precision and to switch components on the basis of this information. Our solutions can be installed both stationary and temporary.

These are the special requirements for speed monitoring systems

  • Speeds must be reliably determined
  • There must be a possibility for safe, punctual train control (active magnet/traction lock).
  • The system must be able to be configured and adapted according to the application

Our speed monitoring solutions

ZGP stationary

The ZGP uses a wheel sensor to determine the speed of a passing rail vehicle and compares the measured value with the maximum allowed speed. If the maximum allowed speed is exceeded, the system initiates the activation of the track magnet for emergency braking.

The behaviour of the active magnet, permanently active or inactive, and the corresponding switching of the respective state can be realized in the same way. The ZGP is also suitable for applications where only the speed is to be measured but the rail vehicle is not to be influenced.

ZGP mobile

Based on the functions of the stationary ZGP, the mobile version can be used to provide additional safety for worksites or temporarily restricted sections of the track. The mobile version can also be used and switched flexibly as a monitoring, testing device or depending on other devices. The compact design and quick installation are ideal for temporary operation.

This is why ZÖLLNER is the ideal partner

  • Many years of experience with our systems (more than 800 systems in use in Austria)
  • The compact, modular design of our systems makes efficient and safe speed monitoring as well as the switching of different actuators possible
  • Our systems are extremely low-maintenance and work automatically

ZGP - Speed monitoring system

Introducing the speed monitoring system

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New state of the art: ÖBB equips route network with innovative speed monitoring system

In cooperation with Austria’s largest infrastructure operator, we have developed a new type of system for point-by-point train control. The Frauscher wheel sensor used as a measuring device provides a safe, robust solution.

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