Immediate availability - automatic axle counting ATWS

Permanently installed warning systems (ATWS systems) from ZÖLLNER are equipped with an approved axle counting system. This system counts the axles of the trains in both directions and not just the trains. If the total number of incoming and outgoing axles is zero, the track section is considered free and the warning is cancelled. The permanent installation guarantees immediate availability.

The advantages of our automatic axle counting system at a glance


  • Simple upgrade to existing SATWS cabinets
  • Pairs with existing installed equipment
  • New next generation cabinets available
  • Bidirectional
  • Cloud interface


Example configuration for a permanent fully automatic warning system

These are the safety requirements of Permanent installations of Automatic Track Warning Systems (ATWS)

  • Suitable for permanent sites – small to large work sites
  • Counts train axles in both directions.
  • Highest safety level of the devices (SIL 4)
  • Immediate availability without necessary outline design

This is why ZÖLLNER is the ideal partner

  • Cloud interface – monitoring your equipment 24/7
  • TWS designer
  • TWS trainer to support the delivery training.
  • Short setup and commissioning time for the system
  • Quick adaptation of the system/upgrades possible. Additional components can be easily integrated into an existing system.

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