Solutions for your large worksite

Maintenance and repair tasks involve a number of special challenges for the safety on worksites. Large worksite areas sometimes have to be protected for a longer period of time. A large number of often very different and sometimes noise-intensive tasks have to be protected. Nevertheless, the material and personnel costs for carrying out the safety must be as low as possible.

In order to achieve this, ZÖLLNER also offers highly flexible solutions for such worksites through its warning systems, which can be adapted to the respective worksite conditions.

These are the special requirements of warning systems for large worksites

  • Complex worksite conditions, which must be dealt with individually
  • Large number of participants on the worksite with different requirements
  • Outages are costly, which is why worksite safety must be highly available
  • Large worksites are noisy, so the protection must be easily noticeable and at a high safety level

This is why ZÖLLNER is the ideal partner

  • The MRWS family enables a wide range of applications for different worksite conditions
  • Reliable, highly available and proven technology
  • Support by ZÖLLNER service staff, service hotline and ZCloud ZÖLLNER
  • Warning devices can be installed on the machine or installed in chain next to the track

From the field // Safeguarding the electrification of the Oldenburg-Wilhelmshaven line

This large worksite requires a variety of safety systems for the different sections of track and wide range of construction activities.

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From the field // Cable system and MRWS in joint use

See a practical example of how our MRWS system and our cable system are used together on a construction site.

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