Solutions for machine warning

When large construction machines are used on track worksites, they require a machine-specific warning system to ensure that the warning signal can be safely heard at the worksite in their immediate proximity. Alternatively, our warning devices can also be temporarily mounted on the machine and function as part of a warning device group. In either case, the machine's own warning system is controlled via a warning system.

These are the special requirements for the machine's own warning system

  • Individual installation of the warning devices on the machine
  • A warning must always be heard by the personnel in the warning area
  • Permanent availability
  • Low personnel costs for operating the warning system

This is why ZÖLLNER is the ideal partner

  • Easy handling, as power can be supplied via the machine
  • Latest software that enables the formation of warning device groups and can thus, for example, flexibly integrate or remove coming and going construction site vehicles.
  • Easy installation due to simple start-up routine
  • Automatic volume adjustment of all warning devices

From the field: Machine warning at the PNI // Poland

Take a look at this example to see how the components of the ZÖLLNER MFW warning system were implemented as worksite protection.

View example project