Innovative Track Warning System // ZÖLLNER & Systra

Innovative Track Warning System for ETCS Level 2 lines

Paris/Kiel, 29 August 2022

Our French Partner, Systra and we will present a warning system using train traffic information from the communication between RBC and the Interlocking. This solution can be installed on ETCS Level2 lines without modifying existing signalling infrastructure.

Come to see live demonstrations at InnoTrans in Berlin from September 20th to 23rd // Stand 265 in Hall 5.2
or contact Vinh Lê for an appointment +49 151 46 70 56 03


Operational efficiency and simplicity of deployment

The new automatic audio and audible and visual warning system co-developed by SYSTRA and ZÖLLNER is a simpler and a more efficient solution than existing systems.

This System provides a response to the increasing safety requirements for work on railway lines.
Existing solutions with look-outs have their limitations. They require significant human resources, sometimes even greater than those necessary for the work, and are difficult to mobilise at any time of the day. They are also costly for the operator, as maintenance and regeneration work is often carried out at night due to the density and pace of daytime traffic.

For Railways infrastructure equipped with ETCS Level 2, this system is an innovation that captures traffic information from interlocking to send warning to the worksite. This Signal Controlled Warning System (SCWS) sends the warning when the train approaches the worksite and stops the warning automatically when the train leaves the worksite. Our system does not require any modification to existing infrastructure. Only one person is required for the safety of the worksite.

About our partner SYSTRA
SYSTRA is one of the world's leading engineering and consultancy groups specialising in public transport and mobility solutions. For 65 years, the Group has been committed to helping cities and territories to contribute to their development by creating, improving, and modernising their transport infrastructures. With its 8,250 employees, the Group's mission is to make travel more fluid throughout the world in order to bring populations closer together and facilitate access to employment, education and leisure. Signature team for transportsolutions, SYSTRA supports its partners and clients throughout the lifecycle of their projects.

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