Modular solutions for your level crossing situation

When rail and road traffic meet, a technical level crossing protection system is required above a certain traffic density. In order to ensure the safety of all traffic participants even if the permanently installed level crossing safety system cannot be used due to repair work, a worksite on the track or road, the level crossing is protected through a substitute system. The system developed by ZÖLLNER offers a flexible and modularly adaptable solution.

In addition, we offer individually tailored solutions for other crossing situations such as for tracks on industrial premises or crossings exclusively for pedestrians.

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These are the special requirements for securing level crossings

  • Road and rail traffic meet at the level crossing - these are two potential sources of danger at the same time
  • The level crossing must be protected in a timely manner due to the interaction of road and rail traffic
  • The locking of vehicles in the danger zone must be prevented

Our level crossing solutions

Mobile level crossing TH-BÜP

As a mobile barrier and traffic light system, the TH-BÜP can be flexibly installed wherever it is needed. The system is operated manually by the Level Crossing Attendant using a key switch at the control unit, without the attendant having to enter the danger zone of the road or rail. Our light signs and barrier booms protect the level crossing both visually and physically and can be adapted to any worksite situation due to their modular functionality.

Warning system LEXOS

Nobody is perfect - that's why LEXOS is here!

Based on the proven technology of the ZÖLLNER radio warning system, the LEXOS repeated warning system detects any rail vehicle approaching the level crossing by means of train detectors installed in the track.

In order to prevent dangerous situations at the level crossing, the LEXOS-M control unit activates the red light signals if the level crossing is not protected in time, initiates a closure of the barrier system and draws attention to the approaching rail vehicle by means of an acoustic and optical repeated warning signal. LEXOS can also be used for protection with barrier tape with the help of our LEXOS-P remote control.

This is why ZÖLLNER is the ideal partner

  • Operation of our TH-BÜP by means of a key switch at the control unit - no need to enter the danger zone for safety purposes
  • Our modular system can be easily adapted to the situation at the level crossing
  • Safety functions are executed with SIL2
  • Simple expansion of the mobile safety system to include a warning system

From the field // Temporary level crossing protection with TH-BÜP and LEXOS in Niebüll

Have a look at a practical example of how our TH-BÜP and our LEXOS system are used together.

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