TH-BÜP and LEXOS in operation together

In Niebüll, a level crossing protection system had to be temporarily taken out of service for a track renewal. During the construction period, the level crossing was secured with a TH-BÜP mobile level crossing protection including a LEXOS warning system. In order to ensure maximum safety, the system was modularly adapeted to fit this specific worksite perfectly.

The components we used

CPA 2.0 - TH-BÜP control unit

The CPA 2.0 is the central unit of our TH-BÜP and manages all connected components of the system. By means of a key switch, the level crossing guard can secure the level crossing using a light signal and barrier system, or cancel the security so that they don’t have to go into the danger zone to carry out their work.

  • Traffic signal control with SIL2
  • Up to 10 system users possible
  • Simple operation via key switch
  • System status indication by means of integrated display and LEDs
LEXOS-M - Central unit of the post-warning system

The LEXOS-M is the control unit of our post-warning system and supports the level crossing guard in their safety-relevant activities. If a train is detected at the switch-on points and the level crossing is not secured, the LEXOS-M emits an acoustic and visual warning. If LEXOS-M is operated in a system network with the TH-BÜP, it also activates the red light signals of the TH-BÜP in the event of a train travelling at an unsecured level crossing and initiates an emergency closure of the barriers.

  • Autoprowa effect between 85 dB and 120 dB
  • Compatible with MFW switch-on point
  • Operation via LEXOS-P remote control possible