New state of the art: innovative speed monitoring system

In cooperation with Austria’s largest infrastructure operator, we have developed a new type of system for point-by-point train control. The Frauscher wheel sensor used as a measuring device provides a safe, robust solution. There are now over 800 systems in use nationwide.

The components we used

RSR123v sensor

The RSR123v wheel sensor from Frauscher enables precise measurement of the speed of a rail vehicle. Combined with the VEB evaluation unit, which is used to determine the speeds based on the data from the RSR123v, this component represents a simple and efficient alternative to on/off solenoids in speed testing equipment.

  • Simple installation by means of rail clamp
  • Low wear due to inductive measuring technology
  • High availability
  • Exact speed measurement
  • Proven in operation for over 10 years

The ZGP functions as the control unit for the entire system and switches the actuator depending on the result of the comparison of the setpoint and actual speed. In addition to the VEB, the ZGP contains the respective control modules as well as a display for configuring the parameters and displaying error messages.

  • Compact design
  • Adaptable solution
  • Stationary & mobile use
Active magnet (Indusi)

The active magnet is the system component for intermittent automatic train control. When active, it emits a defined resonance frequency depending on the model. The rail vehicle has a counterpart that detects the frequency and processes it accordingly. This way, measures such as forced braking of the rail vehicle can be taken.