Our solutions in the field of technical track closure

Our solutions in the field of technical track closure always come into play when it must be technically ensured that rail vehicles are temporarily prevented from passing certain track sections. This approach can be chosen as an alternative to classic, automatic warning systems, provided that the conditions allow the use of technical solutions for track closure.

Special requirements for technical track closure

  • Workers on the track cannot be fully safeguarded without closure, depending on the scenario
  • The closure must be designed efficiently and cannot cause any major hindrance to operations
  • It must be safely ensured that the closed area cannot be driven onto

Our solutions for technical track closure


Based on our conventional speed testing device, this variant represents a specialised solution for the application case of technical track closure. Compared to the ZGP, components can be safely switched without taking the current speed of the rail vehicles into account. Information as to whether a certain action is to be carried out (e.g. switching active magnets) is provided via an interface to the signalbox, for example.


With our COBRA (Control of Balises with Remote Assistance) system, we offer the possibility of safely switching up to four (Euro) balises on ETCS routes remotely. Consisting of one control unit and up to four receivers each, our solution can fully safeguard a double-track section to reduce the risk of potential hazards to a minimum

How the innovative, remote-controlled COBRA/MBS System works

Leslie Steen, Safer-W Project Manager at INFRABEL, explains the new Mobile Balise Stop System (MBS) in this video. The COBRA system from ZÖLLNER is used to activate a Eurobalise remotely. This ensures that no train can enter this area or the adjacent track until the worksite is clear.
Ideally, the system is used in combination with the ZÖLLNER Signal MRWS mobile radio warning system, in which case the arrival of the train is recognised by sensors and the warning of the track workers is activated.
The joint development has been nominated for the RAILTECH EUROPE '24 INNOVATION AWARDS.

Why ZÖLLNER is the right partner for you

  • Modern radio-based solutions for use on ETCS lines
  • Interfaces to signalbox information available and can be configured
  • Individual control of different actuators possible