From the field: HAN Rail safeguards the electrification of the Oldenburg-Wilhelmshaven line

This large worksite requires a variety of safety systems for the different sections of track and wide range of construction activities. For example, longer sections of the worksite are secured with the new cable-based ZPW126-31 warning device. Moreover, the innovative radio warning transmitter is also used in many places, both set up on a tripod and attached to masts and pylons via the magnetic mount.
The worksite situation is changing rapidly and demands new safety methods almost daily. Our handy, compact warning devices help our customer HAN Rail ensure that the large number of employees in the various trades are always optimally protected.

With the new generation of warning devices – both in the radio warning device and wired warning device sectors – ZÖLLNER has brought a super flexible warning system onto the market, with which we were able to optimally meet almost every challenge of this particular large worksite.

Herr Joerg Kossek, Project Director, HAN Rail safeguarding

The components we used

ZPW126-10 warning device

The ZPW126-10 is a radio-controlled warning device for collective or individual warning in the track area. As the latest component of the Mobile Radio Warning System, it can be used both on the field side and on track construction machines. Acoustic and optical warning devices with the highest safety integrity level (SIL 4) are used for the warning.

  • Audible warning between 97 dB and 126 dB
  • Stepless Autoprowa effect+
  • 360° visual perceptibility
  • Stand-by indicator
  • No user limit for the mobile radio warning system
  • Warning range change and standby mode
  • Includes optional tracker for integration into the ZCloud
B-C-10 battery

The B-C-10 battery perfectly complements the MFW system’s battery portfolio with its particularly high capacity of 29 Ah. It is particularly suitable for use at switch-on points, capable of supplying them for up to 72 hours.