Rail replacement secured with ATWS by ZÖLLNER

Our partner MBL Bahnsicherung GmbH also relies on our automatic warning systems on larger worksites and was able to secure a rail replacement through a combination of our MFW and our cable system, including the new ZPW126-10 and ZPW126-31 warning devices. The excellent battery technology of the B-C-10 and B-B-10 batteries proved itself yet again during this operation – not a single battery change was necessary for the three-day construction work.

Thanks to the flexible and quick-to-install systems from ZÖLLNER, we can always ensure the best possible efficiency in our work.

Thomas Bender, General Manager MBL Bahnsicherung GmbH

The components we used

ZPW126-10 warning device

The ZPW126-10 is a radio-controlled warning device for collective or individual warning in the track area. As the latest component of the Mobile Radio Warning System, it can be used both on the field side and on track construction machines. Acoustic and optical warning devices with the highest safety integrity level (SIL 4) are used for the warning.

  • Audible warning between 97 dB and 126 dB
  • Stepless Autoprowa effect+
  • 360° visual perceptibility
  • Stand-by indicator
  • No user limit for the mobile radio warning system
  • Warning range change and standby mode
  • Includes optional tracker for integration into the ZCloud
ZPW126-31 warning-device cable

The ZPW126-31 is a SIL4 warning device for alerting people in the rail area of approaching trains. Several ZPW126-31s can be connected to form warning device chains. The ZPW126-31 is used with cable-based automatic warning systems. In the event of approaching trains, the warning is triggered by the control unit and the ZPW126-31 issues an acoustic and optical warning in the direction of the workers in the rail area.

  • Stepless Autoprowa effect between 97 dB(A) and 126 dB(A)
  • Compatible with Autoprowa control unit and ZÖLLNER interface unit
  • 360° visibility of the optical warning devices
  • Maintenance-free internal energy buffer