Rail replacement in Dresden

For our partner MBL Bahnsicherung GmbH, the stepless Autoprowa®+ effect was particularly important in this construction project, as the operation took place in an urban area. In addition to the fast set-up time for the system, our new B-C-10 batteries also scored points: They didn’t have to be changed once throughout the entire duration of the construction work!
We are pleased to be able to support MBL on further worksites with our MFW system.

We were looking for a partner who could respond to our special requirements flexibly and at short notice

Thomas Bender, General Manager MBL Bahnsicherung GmbH

These components we used

ZPW126-10 warning device

The ZPW126-10 is a radio-controlled warning device for collective or individual warning in the track area. As the latest component of the Mobile Radio Warning System, it can be used both on the field side and on track construction machines. Acoustic and optical warning devices with the highest safety integrity level (SIL 4) are used for the warning.

  • Audible warning between 97 dB and 126 dB
  • Stepless Autoprowa effect+
  • 360° visual perceptibility
  • Stand-by indicator
  • No user limit for the mobile radio warning system
  • Warning range change and standby mode
  • Includes optional tracker for integration into the ZCloud
B-C-10 battery

The B-C-10 battery perfectly complements the MFW system’s battery portfolio with its particularly high capacity of 29 Ah. It is particularly suitable for use at switch-on points, capable of supplying them for up to 72 hours.